millimeters strategy of choices

The “Millimeter Strategy” in Decision Making

Most people have been in a dilemma like this one: Your life has come to the proverbial fork in the road – it’s time to make a decision. Sometimes, decisions are fast and easy. You know exactly which path to choose. Other times, though, decisions can be challenging, maybe even frustrating. How do you know […]

The Key to Achieving Your Goals Before the End of the Year

We’re entering the final quarter of the year. Chances are, you’ve broken some of the resolutions you made back in January. Or maybe this year, you decided not to even make resolutions because of your past failures to keep them or because of frustration that you aren’t gaining traction toward your goals. I urge you not to give […]

Woman reaching for man's hand behind white bars with sky background and words, Don't let you sentences keep you behind bars

3 Strategies to Stop Your “Sentences” from Killing Your Progress

I suspect there are a few readers who, like me, get themselves “stuck in a sentence.” Here’s one of my “sentences”: “Why did you think you could run a successful dental practice? After all you never had a single business class, and the thought of ‘selling’ dentistry makes you want to gag!” What does your […]

Live life to the fullest

Live Each Day Like It’s the Rest of Your Life

Changing your life for the better requires you to live each day to its fullest opportunity. When I say fullest, I don’t mean “large” or “too big” or “too much.” I mean take my “millimeter” concept and apply it to your life for your best life. Do something small each day to make your day […]

Pipe with water coming out with words Get Business Flowing Again

The “Millimeter” Approach to Marketing

Has your business ever come to an abrupt halt? Three weeks ago you had customers lining up at the door and now nothing? You don’t even really know what happened. Did competition arrive in town? Did the economy go belly-up and you didn’t realize it might impact your business? Business can ebb and flow, or […]